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Crazy Paddlers is about grabbing a paddle along with your outrigger canoe and finding yourself while out on the cool blue water.  Whether you are on a lake, river, or ocean, we can help you get acquainted with outrigger canoeing.  We are a community dedicated to the sports of paddling on the water and getting families enjoying the H2O that surrounds them. 

Crazy Paddlers offers quality canoes and paddles for quality family time.  
“The SUP paddling stroke technique is founded from the outrigger paddling canoe stroke”


Crazy Paddlers offer the best outrigger canoes currently made on the market.  All of our canoes are constructed using the best materials and manufacturing process available.  Outrigger Zone have used specifically formulated oven cure epoxies, polyurethane paints, and pre-peg carbon fiber to make all of the canoes they manufacture to be the lightest and most durable canoes on the market.  In addition, we offer the leading brand of outrigger canoe paddles.  The durability of the Kialoa paddle is unmatched in the industry, which shows why they are the leading manufacturer of outrigger canoe paddles.  Crazy Paddlers only offers the best products available for the outrigger canoeing enthusiast!!  
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