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A visionary pairing of wood's natural flex and shock absorption with a durable, lightweight, wood-core composite blade, Dave Chun's original hybrid Outrigger paddle concept is now the sport's standard. KIALOA hybrids give outrigger paddlers a competitive edge with a 10-degree laminated Lo-Fat shaft and a hand-shaped Ergo-T top, weighing just 15-18 ounces.
Available in 46-56 inch lengths.

The "Holly" is the light Hybrid outrigger paddle with the big catch.  Designed originally for women the Holly has proven to be so much more than a niche paddle.  Women appreciate the comfort of a smaller t-top and the lighter blade, while men have discovered it to be an awesome solo paddle.
A favorite for team paddling, this outrigger paddle boasts a big surface area and the most Moloka'i Hoe championships. The traditional teardrop shape of the blade and dihedral on the powerface enhance stability in the water
The Axel II continues to be our most popular outrigger paddle due to its versatility and exceptional performance.  It's size and shape meet the demands of both solo and team paddling, because its not too big, and not too small, but just right. We like to call it "the paddle in the middle."  It's the one to have if you have just one.
The Teva Hoe is a full sized Tahitian style hybrid paddle with many added features:  A double bend, triple laminated wood shaft, an ultra thin full carbon blade for a clean entry, a pronounced hook at the tip for an aggressive catch, and a dihedral on the powerface for stabilization.  This paddle is best for team paddling and paddlers who prefer a large blade.
Above:  Hollyakala, Axel ll, Lanikai, Tevo Hoe 

Kialoa paddles stand out with carefully chosen woods, our signature dark stripes and a glossy refined finish. These paddles are as beautiful as they are functional for both recreation and competition. NEW for 2010 is the Axelwood and the Vana, a Tahitian style double bend. Also for 2010 we have integrated some darker woods to create a truly unique paddle each time. 
Designed and tested by women, the Hollywood is the first outrigger paddle built with the female paddler in mind.  This lovely wood paddle features a smaller diameter shaft and smaller t-top. The unique shape transfers the surface area to the bottom of the blade minimizing the overall surface area.  The result is a light wood paddle with a quick solid catch. For 2010 we have a new design with darker woods. As each paddle is hand made no paddle is exactly alike.
This striking wood paddle's undeniable appeal has endured more than a decade since its introduction.  the Outrigger embodies the tradition of 6-man outrigger canoe racing and carries with it the honor of two consecutive Moloka'i Hoe victories.  The classic is destined to be a valued part of your paddle collection.
Vana-We’ve had many requests from paddlers who want to emulate the super strong Tahitians, like Shell Vaa’s threepeat at the Moloka’i Hoe.  So in the Tahitian style this paddle has a double bend (15 degrees where the blade meets the shaft and 7 ½ degrees at mid-shaft) which improves wrist position.
Meaning "beautiful," the Nani outrigger paddle is built with rich dark woods in a variety of patterns to make your paddle truly unique. With a black Dynel edge banding and a light fiberglass reinforcement the Nani is strong as well as beautiful. To add comfort as well as style it is topped with our hand-shaped Ergo-T.
The Kalo outrigger paddle is the staple in our wood paddle line.  Like the plant that inspired its name, the paddle is designed to be utilitarian and used by all members of a paddling family.  Handsome, strong and affordable, the Kalo is a terrific club paddle, kid's paddle or beginner's paddle.
Keiki means child.  The Keiki Kalo is the 'oha or offshoot, of the parent Kalo, offering the the same attractive woods reinforced with fiberglass and Dynel edge banding.  The Keiki outrigger paddle is designed with kids in mind and we have created a paddle that has a smaller blade surface area, smaller t-top and slightly smaller shaft.  It is also available in smaller lengths from 42" to 47"
Left:  Hollywood, Outrigger, Vana, Nani, Kalo, Keiki Kalo Wood Paddles

Rebirth of An Ancient Sport.  Some stand up paddle because it's the best workout on the water. Others use it to access surf that's difficult to tap with prone paddling. But the reason this ancient style of stand up paddling is going off is simply that it's a fun new way to experience being on the water.
Pipes Stand Up Paddle Women aren’t decorations in the line-up and we're taking our fair share of the waves. The Pipes is KIALOA’s new women’s-specific SUP paddle featuring a smaller blade.  It is light, lithe and quick with a narrower profile that better matches the female paddler.
Methane Stand Up Paddle - After its release last year the Methane became our best selling paddle and if charging the local surf break is your thing, then the Methane is the stand up paddle for you.  Inspired by surboard shaper Blane "Methane" Chambers, the 8" wide blade is perfect for quick starts.
Shaka Puu Stand Up Paddle. Mel Puu embodies the spirit of the waterman. We're proud to name our new state-of-the-craft stand up surf paddle after him. A portion of Shaka Puu sales are donated to the cause of choice for Mel and his wife Momi, the Makaha Junior Lifeguard Scholarship Program.
If you are strong, fit and fast, the Nalu is the stand up paddle to put you on the podium. Flatwater sprinting and downwind racing on sleek race boards are the speed events of SUP.  In these high glide applications, the Nalu provides maximum traction to move from swell to swell.
The original SUS is still popular because it pairs our versitile Shaka Puu carbon blade with a bomber black anodized shaft made of seamless 6061-T6 aluminum.  A hand-shaped wood Ergo-T grip instantly orients your stand up paddle without looking down at the blade.  With this powerful combination of carbon, aluminum and wood, you can dig into the biggest surf with confidence - at a beachboy price.
The Sage words of Gerry Lopez, "Don't forget the beginners," are the inspiration for KIALOA's stand up paddle Hinalea.  Featuring a foam-core blade and edged in Dynel, the Hinalea is tough enough to stand up to years of use.  Add a bomber shaft of anodized seamless 6061-T6 aluminum and you have the perfect blend of lightness and durability.  But the most exciting feature of the Hinalea is its 19 inches of adjustability from 67-86 inches. Lengthen or shorten the paddle to fit your entire family or let it grow with your young stand-up paddler.
If you know what you want and don't need the adjustability, the Hinalea One-Piece is for you. Everything you love about the Hinalea but lighter, stronger and even more affordable. The Hinalea One Piece has a black anodized aluminum shaft and a composite fiberglass blade.  Combined with the attractive blue Dynel edge banding this is a very durable stand up paddle.
So that no one is left out of the fun, this is a shorter version of the Hinalea Adjustable, with an adjustability range from 50-69 inches.  Made with a durable blade and protective edge banding and an anodized aluminum shaft, it is strong enough to take on the beginning SUP'er. Equal opportunity for everyone!
Be sure to rinse the Hinalea Keiki with fresh water, inside and out, after each use to keep the adjustability running smoothly.
Left:  Pipes, Methane, Shaka Puu, Nala, S.U.S. Hinalea Adjustable, Hinalea One Piece, Hinalea Keiki Adjustable Stand Up Paddle 

Strength, durability, low maintenance and superior ergonomics - our full composite Outrigger paddles help you maximize precious time on the water. The inherent strength of composites enables us to mold bio-mechanically efficient shapes that reduce stress on wrists, forearms, and shoulders. All KIALOA composite paddles feature a 10-degree shaft and ergonomic T-top. 

Designed to Flex
Dave's dog Keone is all about being flexible and comfortable, which makes him the perfect inspiration for this innovative full composite outrigger paddle.  The Keone's unique combination of round tapered shaft, carbon fabrics with flex characteristics and one-piece construction allows for a consistent, comfortable flex along the entire paddle length.  On the business end, our best all-around blade profile, the  Axel II, delivers race-proven performance.
The Lolo features KIALOA's proprietary Wacky Shaft, the incredibly comfortable bent shaft designed to keep the wrist in a neutral position during the critical catch phase.  The Wacky Shaft improves extension and grip while reducing strain on the tendons. The carbon hybrid weave construction is coupled with a carbon blade affixed at our standard 10-degree angle.  The Lolo features our best-selling Axel II profile, race proven by men and women in team and solo outrigger competition.
The Pono features  KIALOA's proprietary Wacky Shaft, the incredibly comfortable bent shaft designed to keep the wrist in a neutral position during the critical catch phase. The Wacky Shaft improves extension and grip while reducing strain on the tendons. It is made of a carbon hybrid weave coupled with a carbon blade and our standard 10 degree bend. The Pono features the Hollyakala blade, our most popular shape for solo paddling and a favorite for women's outrigger team racing.
New for 2009 is KIALOA's Wacky Helium outrigger paddle.  This paddle combines the popular Wacky Shaft with our smallest outrigger paddle.  Designed for one man paddling this blade is perfect for downwind surfing.  The ergonomically bent shaft keeps the wrist in a neutral position and has been proven to relieve stress in the wrist and forearm allowing longer pain-free paddling.
Above: Keone, Lolo, Pono, Wacky Helium Full Composite Paddles 

Whether you're holding on for dear life while you smoke down the face of a 10-foot Moloka'i swell, or paddling stroke for stroke with your crew across Lake Washington, KIALOA steering paddles are the steersmen's choice for all water and race conditions. text.
The Foti is our action hero, the standard for big water outrigger steering.  When conditions are malie (calm) you can still efficiently paddle with the Foti.  Then when the going gets rough, you've got all the paddle you need to surf the big ones.  Relax with the confidence that this paddle
For long races in mild to mid-water conditions, grab the Biscuit, a light, strong hybrid that goes the distance.  Named for Lanikai steersman Jim Foti, who carved up the surf in the 2004 Moloka'i Hoe with this paddle, inspiring Dave to observe that, "Jim is like the racehorse Sea Biscuit: short legs, big body and an even bigger heart."
This regatta season, leave your competition in the spray as you tear around the turns. This durable and beautiful wood outrigger steering paddle is the perfect choice for mid-water conditions as well as Regatta turning. The rigors of steering can take its toll ona a paddle, but with fiberglass reinforcement and a dynel edge the Lo'i is one tough competitor. Built for steersman at all levels.
Above:  Foto, Biscuit, Lo'i Steering Paddle's
Dragon Boat Paddles are also available as well. Please contact us for more info.  You can purchase all these beautiful paddles on our Online Store soon!  
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