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Crazy Paddlers was founded in 2004. While the sport of outrigger canoeing was practically unheard of in the state of Florida, Jean quickly found the waters of Tampa Bay area to be one of the best that could be offered for year round paddling. Jean quickly realized that there is great potential for the sport to grow but the difficulties of getting the canoes to the area proved to be a challenge. He then teamed up with Outrigger Zone who is the manufacturing company for all of the outrigger brands that Crazy Paddlers offer. Jean has seen a large increase in the popularity and interest in the sport. Crazy Paddlers is not about being a shop, it's about being a family owned and operated company whose goal is to get everyone out on the water enjoying the sport of outrigger canoeing.  

Also check us out with the Kai Aniani Canoe Club - Facebook Page and Crazy Paddlers Facebook pages.  
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